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Adding a Seed List
Jessica Mocha 3/9/2023 1:34:00 PM


Seed lists are very useful and will add a group of contacts without having them listed within a opt-in list or query. Contacts within a seed list will receive the email just as the contacts within your audience does even if they do not fit the criteria for the email. For example, if you are sending an email regarding Event Registration to a list of people who have donated, and you want to include your management team, instead of adding an additional filter or subquery, you can create a seed list for them and they will receive the email, even though they are not in the list of donors.


To add a seed list to an email blast, you must first create the seed list. To create a seed list, navigate to Automation & Workflow application then click on Queries under the General section. Select the Contacts database in the filter dropdown and then select the Contacts table.

Add Contact Id to the Selected field section and to the Filter section.

If you are adding multiple contacts to the seed list, change Equals to Is One Of and then enter the contact Ids of the contacts you want to add to the seed list.

Save your query and name it in a manner that will be recognizable as a seed list, for example you could name it Internal Seed list for Managers.

How to Add Seed List to Email Blast

Once you have created your query for the seed list, you can assign it to your initiative before you send it. You can find this setting in Advanced or Third Step of the Quick Email Blast. Click on additional settings to see the Seed list setting.

The seed list is searchable, click on the drop down to search for the query

 If you have not created a query prior to this step, hover over the gears and you click the + button to create a query

Note: Speak with support or our account representative to add Global Seed List to your account

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