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Assigning Payment to an Account
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

To simplify the management and assignment accounts and installments we moved the Sustainer, Membership and Pledge Account and Invoice fields from being drop-downs to being linked and easily clickable for more information

To Assign a payment to a Pledge, Sustainer, or Membership Installment while managing a transaction, scroll down to Account on the General tab of the Payment and click to assign the account

A popup will appear asking which account type you want to assign the payment to Sustainer, Membership, or Pledge. You can easily view all or narrow down by type

Once the account has been found, click on select to assign the payment to the account

You will now see the account ID and installment assignment. Click Save to keep your assignment

If you want to remove the assignment, click on the Actions dropdown next to the account and installment and click Clear to remove the account

If the contact does not already have an account type, select either New Sustainer, New Membership, or New pledge from the dropdown. This will lead you to create a new account for the contact in the database to which you can assign the payment to.

The Fund will already appear in the new account page to assist in assigning the account.


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