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CharityEngine Best Practices for Employees and Volunteers Who Leave an Organization
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

When contacts leave an organization there are a few practices that should be completed to promote good data hygiene, prevent emails from being sent to inactive users, and data security. Deactivating their contact and user accounts, marking their preferences as No, and removing their email addresses from internal notifications, such as form carbon copy and scheduled data and transformation job distribution lists, are a few of the steps that will need to be completed for contacts  

Deactivating Contacts

Deactivating contacts is a very simple process and is a good way to maintain good data hygiene. To deactivate a contact record, navigate to the contact summary screen and go into Edit mode for the contact

On the General Tab, toggle Active to no to deactivate the contact and click the update button to save your changes.

Marking Preferences to No

Marking a contact’s preferences to No will prevent any form of communication being sent to the contact. This applies to any opt-in lists the contact has opted into or forms they have submitted. To mark their preferences to No, navigate to contact record and go into edit mode, just as you did when deactivating the contact record.

Navigate to the Communication tab and the Preferences sub tab. Toggle all options to No to prevent any communication from being sent. Click the Update button to save all changes.

Deactivating User Account

In addition to deactivating the contact record, CharityEngine also suggest deactivating the user account. To deactivate the user account, navigate to Configurations > User & Roles > User Accounts and search for the user you wish to deactivate. Once in their user account, navigate to the General tab and toggle Active to No. Click the save button to save your changes.

Note: CharityEngine suggests deactivating the user over deleting is to keep track of the changelog. By deactivating, you will be able to see who and when the deactivation was completed and you will still have all of the information in the contact history.


Removing Email from Forms Internal Carbon Copy

Contacts can also be carbon copied on internal communication for forms. When the contact has left an organization, they no longer need to be CC’d on internal forms information.

To remove the contact email, find the form(s) the contact is Internal CC’d on and navigate to the Email tab. Expand the Internal ( Carbon Copy) section and locate the contacts email.

Delete the contacts email and save your changes.

Note: Removing the internal cc will have to be done for every form the contact’s email is listed individually.

Removing Contact Email from Data Jobs

The last step that CharityEngine suggests to do to maintain good data hygiene when contacts leave an organization is removing the contact email from data jobs notifications.

To remove the contact email from receiving data jobs notifications, navigate to Automation & Workflow > General > Job Scheduler and search for data jobs that list your contact’s email to receive notifications.

Under the Actions column, click on Manage to edit the schedule.

Navigate to the Notification tab and remove the email of the contact that has left the organization.

Note: just as you had to remove the contact email from the forms internal cc individually, you will have to remove the contact email from the data jobs notification for each data job they are listed under.

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