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Email Campaign: How to Create a Simple Email
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on 9/7/2023 3:37:00 PM


Creating an email using the Email builder is very easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. You will be able to customize the content that is being sent to your contacts with company logos and images.


  1. No prerequisites are required for this article. 


Step 1: Navigate to Campaigns App > Create & Publish > Creative > Create New > Email Message

Step 2: An out-of-the-box email template will be loaded that will contain image and text boxes for users to add their own content into.

Step 3: Insert the email Subject Line

Step 4: Insert CONTENT, ROWS, or other SETTINGS

Step 5: Add content, images, button, videos, etc. by navigating to the CONTENT tab and drag/drop of TEXT, IMAGE, BUTTON, VIDEO, SOCIAL, HTML, etc.
    1. -Navigate to the ROWS tab to insert new rows
    2. -Navigate to SETTINGS tab to align content, modify background colors, default font, etc.
Step 6: Navigate to Additional Message Settings for other optional settings
Step 7: Once all configurations have been made, navigate to the SAVE button and expose the sub-menu. Select Save & Send Email Blast.

Step 8. Select your recipients for your email. Navigate to Source to select your audience list and then click next
    1. -List: Refers to an existing Opt-In List or other Query (as created from Automation & Workflow) 
    2. -Import: Refers to the ability to create an email list from an external source (CharityEngine ID minimum requirement)
    3. -Manual: Refers to the ability to physically type email address(es) directly into the entry field

Step 9: Review the message you just created and click next

Step 10: Finalize all Settings
    1. Decide to Send Now or Schedule for Later
    2. You may modify the Initiative Name or leverage the system generated value
    3. Delivery Mode allows you to send to your audience or perform a test send (to receive three versions of your email in Standard, HTML and Text Format for review)
    4. Leverage ADDITIONALSETTINGS to modify additional attributions such as campaign, funds, display name, reply to address, etc.)
    5. Complete all change and proceed to next

Step 11: Review your email campaign details and proceed to PROCESS to send your email

Frequently Asked Questions & Further Reading:

Q. Where can I review the sending results of my email campaign?
A. Initiative Analytics are easily located in the Popular Reports section within the Campaign App. Read more here on email analytics to monitor your sending results. 

Q. How can I ensure my emails are delivered?
A. Email Service Providers (ESPs) have rules in place to prevent unwanted messages from appearing in their users’ inboxes. Due to these rules, wanted and subscribed-to messages may end up in spam and could be blocked from delivery altogether. As an email sender, there are things you can do to improve your inbox deliverability. Read more here.

Q. What other best practices does CharityEngine recommend when sending emails?
A. Managing your email list is crucial for not only reaching your constituents but for also managing your reputation as a sender. CharityEngine provides a variety of features and tools to ensure you can manage your email lists and increase the success of your emails reaching your constituent's inbox. Read more here.

Q. How do I add tokens into my email content?
A. Adding system or custom tokens is an easy way to personalize your message. Read more here about adding tokens to your email content.  

Q. I'd like to learn more about all of the creative design options. Where can I learn more?
A. Please visit our article on Creating an Email Blast where we cover the various template and formatting options available. 

Q. Can I schedule an email based upon time zone?
A. Yes - Clients can schedule email sends in different international time zones. When you’ve done the research and understand the best time to have emails hit donors on the West Coast, for example, it’s nice to be able to schedule that send when you know it’s going to be most effective. Simply navigate to Campaigns > Quick Actions > Email Blast > complete the Audience > insert Message > Settings > Schedule for Later > select date/time and time zone

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