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Creating a New Person Contact from an Organization Record
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

When creating a new person contact record, you can easily attach the contact to an organization. By navigating to the organization's contact record and creating a new member, the contact will automatically be attached to the organization and no further configuration will need to be made to connect the person to the organization. Creating a new person directly from the organization contact record

To create a new person from an organization's contact record, navigate to the organization record.

Click on ADD and a drop down will appear. Click on Member to create a new contact

You will be navigated to create the contact

Once the contact has been created, you will see they are connected with the organization by scrolling to the connections section on the contact record.

Note: if the person is created form the organization contact record, the organization contact information will be copied over to the person, specifically the address. This can be updated by editing the contact once created.

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