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Email Investigation
Jessica Mocha 11/23/2022 2:52:00 PM

Failed emails are unavoidable when sending initiatives and it is important to investigate why the email failed to send to the contact. There are several reasons why an email failed to send such as blacklists, badly formatted email addresses or opt-outs.

There are two ways to view the failed emails, the first way is by navigating to Campaigns > Create & Publish > Initiative and locate the initiative you wish to analyze. Hover over the Delivery Rate data and click the number next to fail.

The second way to view the failed emails is to navigate to Reports & Analytics > Campaigns > Initiative Analytics and search for the initiative. Hover over the delivery rate data and click the number next to fail.

You will be navigated to the fail analytics page and will be able to view why the email failed to send. In the below example, there was a DNS Error, 4 previous fails, and the contact was not blacklisted.

For more details on decline reason codes, please see our article Bounce and Failure Code Quick Reference Guide

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