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Forms Out of the Box Payment Block
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

With our new out of the box section blocks, you can easily customize your forms with little to no technical knowledge and very few clicks! The Payment block is our first out of the box system field block and will help you create any forms that process payments.

Navigate to the Layout section of a form. On the Layout tab, you will notice on the left-hand side you can see options to Add Payment Section or Add Custom Section. By default, our form wizard generated forms already have Payment Section added (see below). If your form does not already have the payment section added, you can add it by clicking on Add Payment Section.

By clicking on the payment block or by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the section, you will be able to configure your payment section. Configuration options include the ability to select which payment methods you want available or if you want to Enable Pay Fees.

A pop up will appear with the configuration settings. You will be able to name the section and toggle the form fields that will appear on your form. If the field is toggled yes, it will appear on the form, if it is toggled no, it will not appear.

Note: For best practice, CharityEngine encourages the user to use CharityEngine Fraud protection and toggle the Include Name on Card and Include CVV to no. However, if you are not using our fraud detection tool, you should consider adding CVV.

One field to note is the Include Options for Donor to Cover Fee field. You will need to decide if the donor will be covering the processing fee with their donation. If you toggle to yes, the donation will include the amount the donor has chosen, plus the processing fees.  

If you decide to turn this field to yes, you will also need to set your processing fee rates if you have not already done so. Click on the link next to the field to set the processing fee rates and you will be navigated to configuration to set the fee for Visa, MC, and Discover and Amex

you have development knowledge and do not want to use our out of the box payment section, you can convert the section to a custom section by clicking Convert to Custom Section at the bottom of the configuration box

Note: Unless you have a developer who is knowledgeable on how to configure advanced settings, CharityEngine does not suggest converting the out of the box sections to custom sections. The action is irreversible and requires advanced knowledge.

Once you have configured your settings for the payment block, you will be able to see what the block will look like on your form by saving your setting and clicking view online under the Save button drop-down.

Once you have viewed the form, if you decide you want to change something, you can click on the pencil icon to the right of the payment block and change your configurations. These updates will show automatically on your form.

For example, if you toggle the Name on Card and CVV Code to No, once the changes are saved, you will automatically see this on your form

Changes can be made at any time, even after you have donors use the form. For example, at one moment in time you want to obtain specific information, then at a later date, you no longer need that information. By simply changing the configuration, you will be able to update your forms in a matter of seconds.

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