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CharityEngine Web Form Types
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

CharityEngine provides many out-of-the-box types of web forms for users to create. Most forms are pre-made for user convenience and minimal action is required from the user to make the form. The primary forms are: donation, event registration, Contact, volunteer, batch transaction, sustainer/membership activation, and case intake.

Donation Forms

Donation forms are the most commonly used forms and revenue wise, extremely important!. Users will use this type of form when the sole purpose is to process online payments, typically donations.

To create this type of form, navigate to Online > Web Forms > Search & Manage > Create New and select donation form from the Form Wizard.

All of the required fields to process payments come pre-set when using the donation form and the only action users need to preform is customizing the design and content of the form.

For more information on donation forms, read this article

Event Registration Form

If you are having an event and need a form to help with registration, the Event Form in the Form Wizard will allow attendees to register and purchase tickets. The event form, like the donation form, will already contain the required fields and will not need any custom fields to allow attendees to register and purchase.

To create an event form, simply click Event Form on the Form Wizard and the out-of-the-box event form will be created.

For more information on creating an Event Form, read this article

Sustainer/Membership Activation Form

When sustainers accounts have been deactivated, whether manually or automatically, donors can reactivate and update the payment information on their account using a sustainer activation form.

To create a sustainer re-activation form, navigate  to the form wizard and select Sustainer Re-Activation.

Note that sustainer activation form is not viewable without a special link that identifies who the sustainer is. For more information on viewing the sustainer activation from, read this article 

Case Intake Form

The Case Intake Form allows people who need help to request support and aid online through the form. With this form, when anyone submits one, it will create a case for one of your users to then track and follow. This can be used as a social work tool to help anyone in need, grant applications or donor care issues.

To create a case intake form, navigate to the form wizard and select case intake form.

For more information on creating a case intake form, read this article 


Poll & Survey Forms

When you want to collect information from contacts you can add a poll or survey to any form. For example, if you are having an event, but want to know what type of event the attendees are interested in, you could create a Poll & Survey Form to collect this data.

To ensure the data is collected properly, select Poll & Survey as the form type.

The data will then be able to be viewed in Reports & Analytics.

For more information on creating a poll & survey form, read this article

Contact Us Form

One-way donor and contacts can leave your organization feedback or messages is through a contact us form. These forms are very easy to create and require very little configurations.

To create a contact us form, navigate to the form wizard and click Build you own and select Contact as the type of form.

You will need to add the contact form section as well as a custom section to obtain contact information and the message from the contact.

For more information on contact us forms, read this article 

Batch Transaction Form

When creating a donation form, or any form where a transaction will take place, using the Batch template will help automatically create the batch in the database and automatically populate certain fields.

To create a batch transaction form, navigate to the web form wizard and select donation form.

Select Batch Transaction Template from the type dropdown

Further configurations will need to be made to proper save the batch information when the form is submitted. For more assistance configuring your batch transaction form, read this article 

Volunteer Form

More information coming soon!

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