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Configuring URL Redirects
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Have you updated your homepage URL or have a campaign you want your donors to be directed to? By creating a URL Redirect, your visitors will be directed to a specific webpage. Any time a donor tries to navigate to the URL, they will be redirected to the new URL. This can help promote any new campaigns or fundraisers you may have.

To configure a URL Redirect, navigate to Configuration > Online > URL Redirect. To create a new redirect, click on create new, or to manage an existing redirect, click on mange under the action column.

You will now be able to enter the original URL and the Redirect URL, as well as decide if this is a permanent redirect or one that will have a start and stop date.

The Original URL: The URL that your donor has entered to navigate to, such as your home webpage.

Redirect URL: The URL the donor will be direct to if they have navigated to the original URL.

For Example, if you have a campaign you want all donors to be navigated to, you will enter the home page URL as the original and the URL for the campaign as the redirect.

You will also want to configure the Match Type as either Exact or Partial.

If you select exact, the URL the donor enters will need to match exactly what you have configured to be redirected to the new URL.

If you select Partial, if the URL entered has most of the same characters, the donor will be redirected to the new URL

The last configuration you will need to make before saving your work is deciding if this is a permanent redirect, or if this will have a start and end date.

If this redirect is due to a new home page URL, you would check the box for permanent.

If this redirect is for a campaign, like Giving Tuesday, you may only want your donors to be redirected for the duration of the campaign. Enter your start and end dates to only have this redirect for a specific duration of time.

If you need to make any changes, such as change the redirect from permanent to have an end date, or change your end date, this can be done at any time by clicking the manage button under the actions column.

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