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Creating Custom Field Groups

Custom Field Groups will allow you to group custom fields on the contact summary page. This will allow you to group certain fields that are similar or contain data that coincides with other data in the group. You will need to create a custom field group prior to creating a custom field.

To create a custom field group, navigate to Configuration > Contacts > Custom Field Groups and click Create New.

Enter the name of the group, toggle the group active, and identify the type of contact that the group applies to

Once the group has been created, you can place custom fields in them. For assistance in creating a custom field, read this article.

Note: If a custom field group does not have any fields associated with it, it will not be displayed on the contact summary screen

Note: If a group is deleted, all associated fields will also be deleted with the contact data that was obtained. Deletion of a group that is associated with a custom field should be discussed internally prior to deletion.


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