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Creating Membership Types
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Before you can create a member, you must create the membership types. This will allow you to group your members based on interests, campaigns, funds, etc. This will also allow you to segment email blast lists based on what membership type the member is a part of.

To create a membership type, navigate to Configuration > Membership > Types > Create New.

You will then need to enter the name, the code, and determine if the membership type will be active always or for only a duration of time.


Note: If you configure a duration date for the membership type, every time a new membership is created for that type, the system will automatically set the start and end date. For example, if the duration is configured for one year, when a new membership is created, the system will automatically enter the start date as the creation date and the end date a year from the start date, as shown below.

Click save and now you will be able to create members for the membership type. If you need assistance in creating a member, read this article.


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