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Creating Pledges
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Pledges can be created very easily and are a great way to manage future pledged donations from donors. Pledge collection is flexible and can be collected on an automatic basis or a manual schedule based on the preferences of the donor.

To create a pledge, navigate to Donations > Quick Actions > New Pledge. You will be navigated to the New Pledge screen where you will need to enter the data for the pledge such as the amount and the fund the donation will be placed in.

On the contact tab, you will need to either create or search for the contact the pledge will be linked to. Use the text boxes to enter the contact data and click select once the contact has been found.

On the billing tab, you will need to decide if you want to manually bill the contact or configure an automatic billing cycle.

If you do not know the schedule or know there will need to be some flexibility on how the pledge is collected upon, it is recommended that manual billing is selected here.

Once you click save, you will be able to add all of the payment information under the installments tab. Click Create New and you will be navigated to create a new installment.

If you want to configure automatic billing of the pledge donation, click the auto radio button and you will be able to configure the payment from the same tab.

You will need to enter the amount, the frequency, start date, and payment method.

Note: If you do not want to bill the amount upon creation of the pledge, change the start date to the date you want the first statement to be billed. The frequency will also be determined by the start date, for example, if the start date is 11/30/2020 and the frequency is quarterly, the next bill date will be 03/30/2021.

When configuring an automatic pledge payment, it is important to note that if the payment method is not electronic, such as a credit or ACH payment, the payment will not process and the transaction will have to be manually entered and processed.

If Bank Account or Credit Card are selected, you will need to enter the payment information and on the start date the account will be billed.

You will also need to select an option from the dropdown to determine if the payment will be validated and charged on the next bill date or if it will be validated when the pledge is created, then charged on the next billing date.


When using Bank Account or Credit Card for an automatic pledge, the donor will be automatically billed on their due date and the pledge will be updated to reflect that a payment has been made.

When using a Check or Cash for an automatic pledge, the transaction will be created, however no payment will be processed until the payment has been received. As you can see below, a check was used for an automatic pledge with a due date of 11/04/2020, however on the general tab, you can see no payment has been received yet.

Note: the collection detail for a cash or check pledge will always be manual as CharityEngine cannot process a payment that has not been received yet.

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