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Creating a Tribute
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Creating Tributes can be done in two ways, when creating the transaction or through the tribute screen then linking the tribute to the transaction.

Creating tribute through Transaction

When you create a tribute through a transaction, the tribute will automatically be linked to the transaction and no further steps will be required. To do this, navigate to Donations > Transactions > Search & Manage and either create a new transaction or manage a preexisting transaction.

If you are creating a new transaction, once you confirm the transaction, a pop up will appear, select Assign tribute.

If you are adding a tribute to a preexisting transaction, click manage under the Action column.

Once in the transaction, navigate to the Attribution subtab and click Create on the tribute line.

You will be navigated to create the tribute. You will need to enter the tribute name, select from the dropdown if the tribute is being made on behalf of, in honor of, or in memory of, and search for the contact that made the transaction.

Click save and then click on the Transaction Id to navigate back to the transaction.


Click Search for Tribute and enter the name of the tribute you just created.

Click Select, and the tribute will be linked to the transaction.


Creating Tribute from Tribute Screen

To create a tribute from the tribute screen, navigate to Donations > Tributes > Search & Manage and click Create New.

You will need to enter all of the required fields: the name of the tribute, the type of tribute, and the contact who is making the donation.

Once the tribute is created, navigate to the transaction and search for the tribute in order to link the tribute and the transaction.


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