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Credit Card Automatic Updater: How to Configure the Card Updater and Overrides
Jessica Mocha 3/9/2023 1:34:00 PM


CharityEngine offers an integrated automatic credit card updater. This feature will assist organizations in further optimizing their giving levels by reducing decline levels and inaccurate information for your recurring and repeat donors. This integration can be configured at your needs to support your sustainers and/or donors who donate more frequently. 


    • Additional fees will apply - please see your account manager for more details on this feature and to learn more about the benefits to your donation revenue channels. 


If your account is participating in the Credit Card Updater feature, you can establish the updating feature to maximize your organization's donation revenue stream.

Step 1: Navigate to the Configuration App > Billing > Card Updater

Step 2: From the Update drop down select from one of the available options

      1. Every Saved Credit Card - any credit card that has been captured for recurring payments and/or in which a donor has stored for future usage with other donations
      2. Recurring Accounts Only - any credit card that has been captured for infrequent recurring payments
      3. Sustainers Only - any credit card that been captured for a sustainer record 
Step 3: Once select, click SAVE to secure your changes. 

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