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How to Find and De-Dupe Duplicate Transactions
Jessica Mocha 3/30/2023 12:15:00 PM

Through importing transactions, you may find that there are duplicate transactions within your database. To help promote good data hygiene and have accurate reporting, CharityEngine suggests de-duping these transactions. This task should be performed on a regular basis, or at least after a list of transactions has been imported to prevent inaccurate data from populating in reports.

To find your duplicate transactions, navigate to Automation & Workflow > Transactions > Dupe Transactions.

There will be filters automatically in place to help find duplicate transactions. You can leave these filters, or select your own filters to find the transactions, however, these are the filters that CharityEngine suggests using.

Transactions that CharityEngine has flagged as duplicates will be grouped together. As you can see below, there are 6 transactions that are attributed to the same form, address, and email as well as have the same payment amount.

Next you must determine if the transactions are duplicates and then you must decide what to do with these transactions. You can manage the refund, credit, chargeback, delete, or reassign the transaction.


Note: one thing to keep in mind is where these transactions are coming from. If the transactions were from donor submissions, you will need to decide if a refund is necessary as the transactions may have been processed for each submission. If the transactions were imported and not actually processed through CharityEngine, you will be able to simply delete the transaction.

If you determine that the transactions need to be deleted, export the list and manipulate it only show the transactions you want to delete. You want to ensure that the one real transaction is not included in this list to keep it in the database.

Once you have your list, you can use the transformation tool to bulk delete the transactions. If you need assistance in using the transformation tool, read this article.



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