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How to Send Messages from Listing Screens
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

On most CharityEngine listing screens (i.e., transactions, contacts, registrations), users can easily send an email or generate a letter from the results. This will save users time and can be used to generate invoices for pledges, send thank you letters to event attendees, and send emails to contacts on your LYBUNT report.

To send an email or generate a letter from a listing screen use the filters to create a list, then click on More and select Send Message.

A pop up will appear to select your delivery method and if you want to create an activity.

Note: the options on the contact listing screen will be different because you can do more from that screen. On the contact listing screen, you will be able to send an email or letter, send an email blast, a mail initiative, or SMS blast.

If you select Email as the delivery method, enter the email subject, sender name, and reply-to email.

If you select to create an activity, use the drop-down to select the type of activity

Click next to create the letter. Use the drop-down to select a pre-made letter or use the WYSIWYG to create a new message.

If you decide to create a new message, tokens will be available to use. The tokens available will be specific to the listing screen you are on. For example, the tokens on the transaction listing screen will include transaction data and tokens on the event listing screen will contain event details.

Click Process and the letter will be sent.

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