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How to Set tribute Goals and Create a Tribute Donation Form
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

When creating a tribute, users can set a goal amount to be raised in honor of that tribute. For example, if you are holding a fundraiser in honor of someone who has passed away, you can set a goal amount for that tribute. users can then also create a donation form that will attribute all donations to that tribute.

Setting a Goal

To set a goal for a tribute, navigate to Donations > Tributes > Search & Manage. If the tribute already exists, click on the tribute name to manage the tribute.

If the tribute does not already exist, click Create New.

To set a goal, enter the goal amount and set the dropdown to total revenue.


If this is not a new tribute and donations have already been made in honor of the tribute, you will also be able to see the amount raised.


On the transactions tab, you will be able to see any transactions that have been attributed to the tribute.

Once a goal amount has been set, you will also be able to see it on the tribute listing screen as well as the percentage that has been received.

Creating a Tribute Form

Once the goal has been set for a tribute, you can also create a tribute form that will automatically attribute any transactions to the tribute.

Navigate to Online > Web Forms > Search & Manage > Create New > Donation Form

Once the form is created, you will need to manage the tribute section fields to ensure that the tribute ID is the default. To do this, navigate to form fields.

Use the filters to search for the form and the tribute section.

To set the default tribute name, click manage on the Tribute Name field.

On the display tab, enter the name of the tribute in the Default Value.


Click save and return back to the form fields. You will now need to create a new field to set the default tribute ID to ensure the transaction is linked to the correct tribute. If you do not do this, a new tribute will be created every time a submission is made on the form.

On the basic tab, create a name and label, select tribute info as the section, and select Tribute Id (system) as the type


On the display tab, enter the tribute Id into the default value and toggle enable to no. Toggling enable to no will ensure that the field will not be displayed on the form and therefore cannot be edited. If you are making the tribute form specifically for a singular tribute, you do not want donors to be able to change the default tribute Id.

Now when the form is submitted, the tribute will automatically be attributed to the transaction.

As you can see on the tribute record, the transaction was submitted through the tribute form you created.

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