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Volunteers in CharityEngine
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

When hosting an event, your organization may want to enlist the help of volunteers to help run the event. CharityEngine’s volunteer tool will allow you to manage your volunteers and their assignments.

When the volunteers are created and assigned to an event, they will appear on the volunteers tab while managing the event in CharityEngine.

Search & Manage

By navigating to  Events & Volunteers > Volunteers > Search & Manage, you will be able to view the volunteers listing screen and see all the volunteers that have been created by your organization.

On this page you will be able to view the volunteer record, manage the record, and create new records. By managing the record, you will be able to see what event contact is volunteering at, their post, and the status of the contact. You will also be able to view the contact record by clicking on open contact.

To create a new volunteer, click Create New on the volunteer listing screen.

Use the dropdowns to select the event, post, and status of the volunteer.

If you know the contact already exists within CharityEngine, click Search Contacts.

A popup will appear for you search the database for the contact record.

If the contact does no appear in the search or you know that the contact is a new contact, click New Person. You will be navigated to create a new contact record that you can assign to the volunteer.

Once the contact has been assigned, their name will appear and you can view their contact record by clicking it.

Volunteer posts

When you are creating your event and know you will be using volunteers, it is important to think of the posts that these volunteers may have, such as check in desk, kitchen staff, or usher. Creating these post will allow you to assign the volunteers to specific work stations prior to the event to avoid confusion the day of the event.

To create a volunteer post, navigate to Events & Volunteers > Volunteers > Volunteer post. From there you will see the volunteer post listing screen with all of the available posts that have been created.

Click Create New to create a new post

Create a name for the post, use the dropdowns to select the event and type, and use the date picker to select the date and time of the post. In the below example, the volunteer post is a front desk check in person for the BIS Bowling night from 1:00 pm- 4:00 PM

Note: if you have multiple shifts for an event, you can use the date picker to assign the date and time of that particular shift, like in the example above.

Volunteer Post Types

The last configuration you will be able to make in the volunteer section is the volunteer post types. This will identify the type of post such as a data entry, seating assistant, or registration type.

Navigate to Events & Volunteers > Volunteers > Volunteer Post Type to view all the of the types that have been created.

To create a new type, click Create New.

Name and add a short description of the type.



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