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Web Forms: How to Design Your Web From
Jessica Mocha 3/9/2023 1:34:00 PM


When creating your web form, whether it be a donation, event, or case intake form, you will be able to design and customize your form by creating using our out of the box color pickers and for more advanced users you can create and modify templates that will display aspects of your organization such as a logo or any specific designs associated with your mission.

There are no prerequisites for designing your forms.

Out of the Box Design Tab

On the Design tab, you will be able to customize the colors and images that will be displayed on your form. We have an easy use color picker and preview on the right side of the screen that will show you how your form will look prior to publishing online.

Use the color pickers on the side to pick the colors for each section of your form.

You can also upload files from your computer for the Logo, Header Image, and Background Image by click on upload file and searching your computer for the file.

All selections you have made will show on the side in the preview. This will allow you to customize your form and see the updates live and how they will appear on your form.

Advanced Template Building

If you have a web designer or someone in your organization that understands how to use and modify HTML and would like to create your own custom template with code, you can do this by changing the template to any custom template in the drop-down and then hover over the gear button. A Plus sign will appear, click that to create a new template.

This will navigate you to a new page to create your new template. On the General Tab, you will be able to name the template, select the type of template, for creating a web form you will want to select Form Design Template and add a short description of the template.

On the other two tabs, the Screen HTML Page Content and the Mobile HTML Page Content, you will be able to add custom HTML Coding to customize all content on your web forms such as logos and other content that will promote your mission and organization.

You can also use the tokens to build your own theme using the designer and your own template. Click on Insert Token and all the available tokens you can choose from will appear.

Once you have created your template, you will be able to select it from the dropdown on the design page.

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