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Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

LYBUNT (Last Year But Unfortunately Not This Year) and SYBUNT (Some Years But Unfortunately Not This Year) reports can be very helpful when targeting donors. Donors who have given in the past are more likely to give in the future and if they have not donated this year, it is important to target them when sending communications out. By sending a communication to donors who fall into the LYBUNT or SYBUNT categories, you encourage donors who have given in the past to keep giving.

To view LYBUNT Reports, navigate to Reports & Analytics > Transactions > LYBUNT Report. All contacts that fall into the LYBUNT category will appear in a list.

Use the filters in the quick filter bar to filter for specific contacts that you want to target.

You can also use the Advanced Filters to narrow down your search.


SYBUNT Reports can be found in the same way by navigating to Reports & Analytics > Transactions > SYBUNT Reports.

Use the filters, just like the LYBUNT report, to narrow down your reports to target specific donors.


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