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Opportunities Reports
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

CharityEngine now has a variety of reports to evaluate the success of your Opportunities. These reports can be run by Stage, Status, Priority, Track, Type, Solicitor, and Step.

To run an opportunities report, navigate to Reports & Analytics > Opportunities > Select the report you wish to see.

Under each header multiple reports will be available so Opportunities. In the example below, users can view the summary, pivot, and pop reports for Stages.

Summary Report

To view an overall summary of the stage, click on Stage Summary.

The stage summary page will allow you to see all steps you have configured as well as how well that opportunity stage did compare to the other stage.

Use the filters at the top of the screen to narrow down the stages you wish to view.

All of the stages under the track selected will appear at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to view the name, how many opportunities that stage has, the estimated value, the average, and the weighted value.

Note: the weighted value refers to the estimated value of the stage multiplied by the current stage close probability. In the above example, the estimated value of the Cultivation stage is $55,000 and you can see that the weighted value is $16,500, which means that the probability that this step will close is 30%.

By clicking on the number under the count column, you will be able to see the opportunities in that stage.

You will be navigated to the opportunities page and the filters will already be in place to view the opportunities for the step and track you selected. As you can see below, all of the filters used previously are still in effect, the track is Simple Track and it is Stage 3 Kick off.

On the summary page, you will also be able to see a visual representation of the stage in a pie chart. The pie chart will show you how many opportunities and the total percentage of opportunities in each stage.

Stage Stats ( Pivot)

To view data on your stage over a defined period, select the Stage Stats (Pivot) option under the Opps by Stage header.

On this report, you will be able to select the period of time and the interval in which you want the data to be displayed.

Use the filters to select the time period you wish to see. For example, if you want to view the opportunities from the last year by quarter, you would select Year to date for the period and Quarter for the interval.

Use the Show drop down to select the information you wish to see from the time period you selected.

Your data will be displayed below the graph.

Stage Stats (POP)

To view your opportunity stages data period over period, select Stage Stats (pop).

You will now be able to see the statistics of your opportunities by selecting the period time frames. Select when the first and second period started and the interval in which these periods are separated.

Note: If no data is available you will see the error below. In this example, no Opportunities in the Active Grants Track were added in the first quarter of 2019.

Pie charts and a bar graph are available to view the statistics of each period. These will help provide a deeper insight on the analytics of your opportunities.

You can also see further data point information side by side and if there was any change between the two periods at the bottom of the page.

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