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Release Notes week of 1.1.2024

The following are deployed in this release.

1. Auctions (released on 1/5)


39713 Feature Online Auction UI/UX Enhancements
Items no longer available for bidding are now positioned at the bottom of the page, distinctly marked to emphasize their non-biddable status. Auction organizers can now configure the order of active items for bidding, providing greater flexibility and control. Additionally, item display cards now feature standardized alignment, accommodating varying item descriptions for a more visually consistent experience. These enhancements collectively contribute to a more fluid and intuitive online auction platform, elevating usability for both bidders and organizers.
40724 Feature Automatic Notification for Payment Update during Auction & Add ACH to Registration
Auction participants will now receive prompts to update their payment information if it is missing or expired, ensuring a seamless transaction experience. Additionally, we've added ACH integration to the registration process, offering participants an additional secure and convenient payment option.
41372 Feature Buy Now Option for Online Auctions
Clients hosting online auctions can now allow auction participants to skip bidding and purchase auctioned items immediately at a premium price. This feature enhancement enables organizations to raise more and provides auction participants flexible purchase options.

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