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Release Notes week of 1.15.2024

The following are deployed in this release.

1. CharityEngine (released on 1/18)


ID Work Item Type Title APP
41432 Feature Show Calculated ROI Rate on Initiatives Report
The initiatives listing screen now displays Return on Investment (ROI) under the Stats column. The ROI is calculated by dividing the net revenue by the total cost of a specific initiative. This addition empowers fundraisers to quickly gauge the financial success of their activities, establish baselines, and make informed adjustments to their efforts.
41433 Feature Change Log & Restore Modal
We added a practical restoration feature to our Change Log tool in the Automation & Workflow application. Users can now open a modal displaying the record history and select a version for restoration. It's important to note that this restoration is an action update, not a complete restoration from a deleted event. This enhancement streamlines version history management, providing users with increased flexibility.
41448 Feature Add Blacklisted Field to Email Query Table
Our contacts query now allows users to search their database for contacts with blacklisted emails. This field is available under the Primary Email Meta Data drawdown.
41523 Feature Opportunity Configuration Screen UX Enhancements
The opportunity configuration screen features a visual emphasis arrow under the Steps tab, aiding users in easily identifying the step a prospect is in. This enhancement enhances the overall user experience, providing clarity and efficiency in managing opportunities.
41532 Feature Better AI Integration Message Handling
Users without the AI Writing Assistant license will now see a straightforward message indicating the need for a license to access this feature. Keep an eye out for more transparent and direct communication regarding usage requirements.
41469 Bug Update Contact Info from Sustainer Record Not Working CharityEngine
41534 Bug Spam Test Incorrectly Reporting Message-ID Missing CharityEngine
41560 Bug Inconsistencies Using Advanced Filter with Statements CharityEngine
41571 Bug Statement Screen Statemented Filter Results CharityEngine
41579 Bug Subject line for tax statement emails CharityEngine

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