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Release Notes week of 1.8.2024

The following are deployed in this release.

1. CharityEngine (released on 1/8)


ID Work Item Type Title APP
39713 Feature Online Auction UI/UX Enhancements
Items no longer available for bidding are now positioned at the bottom of the page, distinctly marked to emphasize their non-biddable status. Auction organizers can now configure the order of active items for bidding, providing greater flexibility and control. Additionally, item display cards now feature standardized alignment, accommodating varying item descriptions for a more visually consistent experience. These enhancements collectively contribute to a more fluid and intuitive online auction platform, elevating usability for both bidders and organizers.
41381 Feature Duplicate Design Templates
Design templates can now be duplicated or cloned from the Configurations application. This update offers greater flexibility for clients and streamlines workflow by minimizing the need to navigate between different applications.
41408 Feature Start Migrating Some Twitter Labels to Incorporate X
Given Twitter’s rebranding as “X,” we’ve begun updating all instances of the old name and logo across CE applications.
41416 Feature Send Statement: Enhancements to Feature
Recently, we launched an enhanced year-end tax statement template for itemized giving histories across households, individuals, and organizations. In response to client feedback, we've updated the template, adding "funds" and "category" tokens to enrich the content and tables. Additionally, our send statement feature now offers a "multi-select" option in advanced search, empowering organizations to refine outputs. This ensures a more tailored and efficient user experience for precise financial reporting.
41372 Feature Buy Now Option for Online Auctions
Clients hosting online auctions can now allow auction participants to skip bidding and purchase auctioned items immediately at a premium price. This feature enhancement enables organizations to raise more and provides auction participants flexible purchase options.
41386 Bug Matching gifts listing screen displaying inconsistencies CharityEngine
41435 Bug Client receiving error when attempting to link Paypal account CharityEngine
41377 Bug In-App Notifications Content Not Displaying CharityEngine
41399 Bug Modified Gift String- description will not delete is change values CharityEngine

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