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Release Notes week of 2.19.2024

The following are deployed in this release.

1. Advocacy (released on 2/22)
2. Gateway Settlement Processor (released on 2/23)


ID Work Item Type Title APP
41408 Feature Start Migrating Some Twitter Labels to Incorporate X
Given Twitter’s rebranding as “X,” we continue to update instances of the old name and logo across CE applications.
41019 Feature  Add Donation Option To Advocacy
We are excited to announce a valuable addition to the Advocacy application: a donation option alongside existing CTAs such as email, letter, and phone. This allows organizations to effectively engage constituents and integrate donation appeals into their advocacy efforts, fostering increased support and engagement.
41586 Bug Address inconsistencies with advocacy action alert Advocacy 
41565 Bug Social Share Title Form Overrides Advocacy 
41695 Bug Update to Supreme Court Officials on Look-Up-Your-Legislator Widget Advocacy

Gateway Settlement Processor
ID Work Item Type Title APP
41755 Bug Data Enrichment Job Email with No Content Gateway Settlement Processor

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