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Release Notes week of 3.04.2024

The following are deployed in this release.

1. CharityEngine (released on 3/07)
2. Shopping Cart (released 3/08)


ID Work Item Type Title APP
41842 Bug Creating new activities CharityEngine 
41887 Bug Viewing acknowledgements CharityEngine
41864 Bug Editing custom dashboards CharityEngine
41777 Bug Unable to select individual session CharityEngine
41851 Bug Managing sustainer accounts from donor record CharityEngine
41822 Bug Ensure Survey is Only Available with License. CharityEngine
41807 Bug Access to Shopping Cart Features Available without Entitlement CharityEngine
41781 Bug Inconsistencies with dashboard local time display CharityEngine

Shopping Cart
ID Work Item Type Title APP
41565 Bug Social Share Title Form Overrides Shopping Cart
41904 Bug Product will be duplicated as many times as used on the different pages. Shopping Cart

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