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Release Notes 11.17.2021
Mic Geoghegan (Vice President, Tech Operations)
Mic Geoghegan
Vice President, Technical Operations
12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM
Below is the list of the items that were closed from November 17th Release:

ID    Work Item Type Title
13595 Feature Rebills vs First Bills on Bank Settlements
17674 Feature Ability to view and modify workflow triggers
20299 Feature Create Minimum/Maximum value configuration setting for User Center Sustainer amount 
21555 Feature Include more details on batch transaction print out
25149 Feature Add "Goal Bar" option on web forms
25698 Feature Year end summary report / combined donations
25707 Feature Over 12 New Dynamic Dashboard Widgets & New Functional Panels Framework
28447 Feature Donations - Add Calendar Dates For Filters
28795 Feature Predictive Donor Scoring (AI)
29670 Feature New Pledge Form Type Template
29671 Feature Online Billpay
29673 Feature New Campaign Period-over-period (POP) Report
29958 Feature Add Tags and Groups to Event Registration Query 
30182 Feature Adding fields to the your info block
30454 Feature Quick Search Filter Unable to Search Number
30946 Feature Hide Duplicate Creatives
31074 Feature Print Consolidated Year Tax Receipt from User Center
31075 Feature Display Sustainer Total Giving or YTD Giving in User Center
31181 Feature De-Dupe & Merge Tributes
31505 Feature Contact Search UI/UX Improvements (Card View)
32194 Feature New Dynamic Salutation Template Fields
32469 Feature Customizable household member types
32734 Feature Soft Credit Reporting
32847 Feature Forward to a Friend
33209 Feature New Filters on Contact Summmary Giving History Panel
33448 Feature Admin controls to add/display ability to pause/cancel options for User Center
33475 Feature Display P2P campaign progress on search screen
33704 Feature Finish & Enhance Quickbooks Integration Toolset
33929 Feature WebForm Footers - Null Values Displayed
33937 Feature Sustainer Email Communication Series New Email Template
33980 Feature Quick Action Embeddable Forms Enhancements (Paypal, Receipt/Error Handling, Opt-In)
34077 Feature International Organization Online App Default Settings
34098 Feature International Peer-to-peer Online Search
34099 Feature Default CRM Major Gift Opportunity Tracks
34100 Feature New Fields Added To Initaitive Import Job
34105 Feature Single Sign On Performance Improvements
34163 Feature Add solicitor to the Contacts > Household query
34164 Feature Update new payment to allow for entry of sustainer and pledge
34194 Feature Address Import - Add External Sync Id Field
34217 Feature Better Image Upload Handling in Email Campaign WYIWYG Editor
34238 Feature Add "In-Kind Type" to Transaction Screen Export
34252 Feature Advocacy/Batch Email "From" and "Reply to"
34271 Feature Importer file type selection
34464 Feature Campaign Dashboard- Confirmation of Total Sum w/ and w/o fees included
33526 Bug image issues on embedded form using mobile devices - crossamerica
33954 Bug Embedded Form Not working on Chrome and IE
33963 Bug Contact import race condition
33972 Bug Relationship Import: Remove Import key from Field Drop down
33976 Bug Memberships/Sustainer with $0 invoices should not show when creating new transaction
33983 Bug Quick Action Embeddable Forms - Phone Number Entry Field is not populating in the record
33991 Bug Auction: Authorization not proceeding to Settlement/Charge
34025 Bug Consolidated minor issues on ADV
34029 Bug Greens screen on Event type summary
34061 Bug Deactivate sustainer - cancel current invoice
34065 Bug Note Importer Does Not Work
34094 Bug P2P: Find a Participant - Search Functionality
34107 Bug Response Channel throwing an error on sustainer deactivation
34111 Bug Status not populating upon manual sustainer deactivation
34115 Bug Initiatives are not showing in the campaign module
34119 Bug Hide some fields when microsite type is DIY/Grassroots
34127 Bug Importer: Display issue on transaction attribution tab - initiative
34135 Bug User center is not being saved in MC, when Tax-deductibles are not provided
34143 Bug User center - Subscriptions with next payment as null ,when edited gives error screen
34151 Bug UI on User center pause and cancel button
34159 Bug Merge button missing from Dupe People
34174 Bug Invoice Details with Long Customer Names
34178 Bug Two Importer Bugs (Tax Deductible Amount / DB Contention)
34182 Bug Gift Summary missing from contacts
34195 Bug Un paused date on User center
34205 Bug User center for Minimum and Maximum amounts informational message
34213 Bug User Password Reset Error Message Issues
34218 Bug Adding to saved acknowledgement batch
34222 Bug Pages with long names on P2P site find participant page.
34234 Bug PayPal recurring is visible when monthly is default
34253 Bug Give button on Web forms do not show amount
34265 Bug Admin Console Outage
34282 Bug API: setting Response Channel on API create cash payment endpoint call [OMF]
34302 Bug P2P submit button causing multiple transactions
34325 Bug Bee editor is not displayed in creative
34330 Bug Pagination numbers on Advocacy Issue
34334 Bug Targets that are already added are still displayed in add new target drop down in advocacy issue
34339 Bug Cancelled Person Imports do not update cache
34343 Bug Pledge amount in confirmation email is displayed as 0
34351 Bug Tribute is not displayed on pledge record
34359 Bug Find matches does not work for Card View
34363 Bug Give button on pledge sign up form
34371 Bug Question Mark displayed on upper right hand corner of Contact Listing screen
34388 Bug UI on Import Confirm screen
34392 Bug Import to create transaction are failing as bad records
34400 Bug Can't Manage Transactions when Editing Existing Batch
34409 Bug UI on Form
34417 Bug Goal meter is not showing as goal is completed.
34427 Bug Solicitor name hard coded on contact search results
34431 Bug New Batch entry screen is taking for ever load
34435 Bug Drop down toggle is missing on Contact, transaction and Sustainer listing screen
34452 Bug Top donors report not displays data
34456 Bug Dashboard is empty its not showing any details for the Total contacts, Total In gifts, 
34473 Bug Activity Importer Not Working
34477 Bug Email Blast Vanity Domains Not Working with HTTPS
34481 Bug Contact Importer Custom Fields Race Condition
34487 Bug Sustainer Activations Logged as Reactivations
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