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Release Notes 2.5.20
Jamie Beliveau 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Apps Released

  • Data Jobs Processor
  • Admin Console

In App Notification

While logged in users will be alerted to data jobs and emails their user has alerts for. Look at the flag at the top of every screen with a count next to it. Clicking on the flag or number will show you what the alert is for. Alerts automatically disappear from your count after 20 minutes.

New Tokens

Three new tokens are available for your acknowledgments and receipts:

Include the employer of individuals in your database using the employer name token.


Easily include details about event tickets purchased using the registration details token.

[[transaction.registration.ticket details]]

These new tokens are available in the receipts and acknowledgment modals.

Usability Improvements

The transaction and sustainer listing screens were improved by removing the page refreshes. We hope this can add a few minutes to your day!

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