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Release Notes 3.4.20
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

Apps Released

  • Admin Console
  • Data Jobs Processor
  • Web Forms
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Email Marketing System

Additional Helpers for Sending Emails

Sender Override Review

Review your Sender settings after sending email initiatives

From the initiative listing screen you can easily see the sender in the message column.

Within the initiative, a new tab was added under Overrides that details the Sender.

Adding a Seed List

If you have a list of staff whom you want to include on emails, without having to add them to your query or list, you can use the Custom Seed List.

Before you send your email, create a query that will include your seed list contacts. In the example below, two CharityEngine employees need to be included on every maintenance email that goes out.

After your query is ready, you can assign it to your initiative before you send. You can find this setting in the Advanced or Third Step of the Quick Email Blast. Click on Additional Settings to see the SEED list settings.

Note: Speak with support or your account representative to add a Global Seed List to your account.

Adding Header Content

To add Header Content to your emails created in the email builder, click on Additional Message Settings within the email creative and scroll down to the Header Code box, where you can enter your Header Content Code.

From the Quick Email Blast, the same Content can be accessed be clicking on Advanced in the Message step.

Then scrolling to the header content of the popup.

Confirmation of List Size

After hitting submit on an email campaign, the browser dialogue asking for confirmation that you want to send will also confirm the size of your query or list. This feature will give the sender some peace of mind that they are sending to the right list!

Customize Your Favorites List

On the home screen, users can now change the name of links in their favorites.

After adding a page in CharityEngine to your favorites, navigate to the Home Dashboard.

In the middle of the page is the list of the favorites for your specific CharityEngine user. To edit the label on the link, Click on the edit button.

On the next screen update the title to something more specific to you. For example, you may want quick navigation to a query you run daily, you change the name of the Favorite to Daily Donation Report, rather than just Queries.

After you have made your change click the Update button.

Your change is now visible on the Home Dashboard as well as in the Quick Links Favorites, which is available throughout the system.

Curious how to add items to your favorite list? – see this article on Quick Links navigation for more information.

Updates to the Contact Summary Screen

Extensions of primary phone numbers are now viewable directly on the contact summary screen

Nicknames now viewable on the Contact Summary Screen

Account Payment Changes

To simplify the management and assignment accounts and installments we moved the Sustainer, Membership and Pledge Account and Invoice fields from being dropdowns to being linked and easily clickable for more information.

Assigning a Payment to an Account

To assign a payment to a Pledge, Sustainer or Membership Installment, scroll down to Account on the General tab of the Payment and click on assign to account.

A popup will appear asking which account type you want to assign the payment to: Sustainer, Membership or Pledge. You can easily view all or narrow down by type.

After finding the account on the search result screen, click on select

Next you will be taken back to the General tab of the payment, where you can see your account and installment assignment. Click save to keep your assignment

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