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Exporting Data: How to Schedule an Export Data Job
Jessica Mocha 11/28/2022 1:08:00 PM


While using CharityEngine, you may come across the need to schedule reports based of queries to be exported on a regular basis. These reports may be going to a user or third party that does not have access to CharityEngine or does not log into your organizations CharityEngine instance. This will remove the need to manually send the reports out to those who need it and save some time.

Before you can schedule the export, you must first export the data. If you need assistance in exporting data from a query, please read this article.

Scheduling Export Jobs

Once you have created an export data job, you can schedule for this report to be sent on a regular basis. Navigate to  Automation & Workflow > General > Import/ Export and select the Export Data Job that you wish to schedule.

Click on the three dots under the Action column and select schedule

This will allow you to schedule this export data job as frequently as you like. Create a name, a start date, the export Data job you are scheduling, and a description of the data job.

If you would only like the job to be scheduled through a certain date, ensure that the “until” box is checked, and this will allow you to set the date the report will be run through.

Click the Save button to schedule the export data job and the Notifications, Ftp and Trigger Tabs will appear.

On the Notifications tab you will be able to enter any recipient emails as well as change the Email Subject that will appear in the inboxes. Any emails that were on the original export will appear here, however if the emails need to be updated, you can change that on this tab.

On the FTP tab you will have the ability to add FTP server information if you are exporting to an FTP site. You will need to enter the Server, username, password, and select what type of FTP sever you are sending to. If you are not sending to an FTP, you can disregard this tab.

Lastly, on the triggers tab, you will be able to set the frequency in which this report will be exported. Select from the first Drop Down the frequency.

Once the frequency is selected, Select the date that the report will be sent

Selecting different frequencies will change the selection for the dates. For example, if you have selected to send the report on a weekly basis, the second drop-down will change to days of the week.

Click the “ADD” button to set the frequency. This information will now appear below.

If the frequency of the export data job needs to be changed, select “delete” under the actions column and then you can create a new frequency.

Ensure that you have saved your work by clicking the save button. A green bar will appear at the top of the page that will state Record successfully updated.

To delete the scheduling of the export data job, navigate to the Job Scheduler and find the data job that you have scheduled.

Under the Actions column, select delete and the export data job will no longer be scheduled to be sent.

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