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Web Forms- Out-of-the-Box Donation Block
Jessica Mocha 4/13/2022 8:04:00 PM
With our new out of the box section blocks, you can easily customize your forms with little to no technical knowledge and very few clicks! The Donation block is our newest out of the box section field block and will assist in customizing ask strings for your donors.
Navigate to the Layout section of your form. On the Layout tab, you will see that by default our form wizard generated forms already have Payment Section, the Gifts (Donations) Sections, and Contact Information Sections. If your form does not already have these sections added or you removed them, you can add it by clicking on Add Section on the left-hand side.

To configure your Donation settings such as the ask strings, click the pencil icon on the right of the Gift Section to manage the section.

A popup will appear and you will be able to configure all the donations settings, such as the Label shown online, the default frequency, and the ask string for one-time and monthly/recurring donations.

To configure the available frequency and the default frequency, use the checkboxes for one-time and monthly and click on your default setting.

If both one-time and monthly are checked, your donor will have both options, if only one is checked, your donor will only be able to make either one-time donations or monthly donations.

CharityEngine has provided default ask strings, however, if you would like to change then amount, click One Time Amounts tab or Monthly/Recurring Amounts tab at the top of the pop up box.

You will then be able to type in the different amounts if needed. You will also have an option to add other giving options. Click Save once complete.

To preview your form, click on the drop-down next to the save button and select view online.

Your configurations will be displayed on your form. If your default frequency is one-time and the default ask string is $100.00 that will the option selected when a donor navigates to the form.

If you have development knowledge and do not want to use our out of the box payment section, you can convert the section to a custom section by clicking Convert to Custom Section at the bottom of the configuration box.

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