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Creating Payments
Jessica Mocha 7/26/2022 12:19:00 PM
To create a new payment, all that is required is a contact in CharityEngine and the payment information. There are additional steps where users can add attributions to help identify the source of the payment.
The first step in creating a transaction is to add or attribute a contact to the transaction. This contact can be an individual person, an organization, or a household.

To indicate the contact record type, select from the three options by clicking on the contact record type.

To search or create contact and add payment, Navigate to Donations > Quick Action > New Payment.

Note: the fields are identical for all three contact types

Note: for best practices for new contacts, CharityEngine encourages entering information into all fields. This step does create a new contact and will save you more time by adding the information now by eliminating the need to create the contact in the contact screen.

Contact Name

You will need to enter the full name (first name, last name for people) of the contact (person, organization, or household) associated with the transaction

Click on the gear to input additional fields necessary to either match or create the contact

In addition to the fields you see by default on screen, you will have the ability to add:

  1. Prefix, suffix, and middle name
  2. Donor employer (if necessary)
  3. Donor Title
  4. A birthdate
  5. Gender

Note: if you are collecting donor birth date information, consider setting up a drip campaign that sends out happy birthday emails to your donors

If the contact type is an organization, you will have the ability to add

  1. the organization type
  2. the industry of the organization
  3. the point of contact

If the Contact type is Household, you will have the ability to add:

  1. Head of Household
  2. Spouse

Contact Matching: Promoting Record Data Hygiene

At any point upon information associated with your transaction, a match associated with the data can be found. The more information that is entered into the fields, the better the database will be able to provide a match.

If a match is found, the possible matches will appear on the side of the screen, with the matches listed in the closest match order.

If no matches are populating, but you are positive the contact record exists, you can always try a broader search to provide an extra check against all records in your CRM

After searching the entire database, if no contacts match, click create a new record to create a new contact with the information provided in the fields.


Contact Address

By using our new feature, Google Maps API, when you begin typing the donor address, results will auto-populate

You will be able to add additional address details, the same way contact details were added, by clicking the gear button

Note: additional addresses can be added later when you manage the contact record.

Contact Phone Number

By clicking the gears for the phone number, you will be able to identify the phone number category – home, office, other, add an extension, and attribute number type – landline, mobile, fax

Contact Email Address

By clicking the gears for details, you can identify if the email is a home, office or other type of address

Note: Delineating email address type helps your marking teams be more strategic in targeted campaigns and initiatives


After you have attributed the transaction to a specific contact, you will be able to enter the payment information

The two key fields to note are the Amount and Method fields.

When selecting the method type, the drop-down will include Cash, Check, Credit Card, Bank Account, Electronic Check, In-Kind, Other, and None


Payment Method: Credit

When the Credit method is selected, the processor and the mode will be set the default settings that can be changed if needed.

Payment Method: Electronic Check and Bank Account

By selecting either Electronic Check or Bank Account, almost all the same fields will appear. The only fields that differ are the Check Number field for electronic check and the ACH Type field for Bank Account. Entering the correct information is crucial and will help with locating the transaction more easily.

Note: The only required fields for ACH and Electronic Checks are the Account Number and the Routing number. All other fields will assist in locating the transaction and ensure funds are withdrawn from the correct account.

Payment Method: In-Kind

An In-Kind donation is a non-monetary donation, such as a car, clothing, or food products.

Payment Method: Offline

Cash or check payments that were made in person are considered offline payments.


With Cash payments, the only information that needs to be entered is the amount

With Check payments the check number and date should be entered to provide easier reconciliation with your finance team.

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