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Events, Auctions & Volunteers

In our Events, Auctions, & Volunteers section of CharityEngine®, manage and create events and volunteers and generate reports on your organization’s event statistics. Under Events, search for and manage existing events, and create new events. Find a searchable list of all registrations for varying events, and create new registrations manually with the Registrations link. Search for pre-created tickets for different events, and create new tickets for events under Tickets. Create and search for sessions similarly, under Sessions. With the Locations link, designate locations for certain events, and keep a record of the booked, invited, tentative, and confirmed speakers for events under Speakers.

The Volunteers section allows easy tracking of what volunteers exist, post types, and which contacts have filled which posts. Search through the volunteer contacts with Search & Manage. Under Auctions, manage the existing auctions and keep track of the auction items. Create separate grassroots events, and generate popular reports on the events and volunteers within your organization.

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