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Volunteers App: How to Set up and Leverage Volunteers App in CharityEngine
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on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM


When hosting an event, your organization may want to enlist the help of volunteers to assist in supporting the event. This could include assigning and tracking volunteers who are assisting as greeters, participating in support at water stations for run/walk events. or participating as an auctioneer during your event auction. CharityEngine’s volunteer tool will allow you to manage your volunteers and their assignments for your organization's event.


  1. -This article covers the integration of leveraging volunteers within an event. Event set up will be needed for this article. If your account does not currently support the Events application, please reach out to your account manager for more information.
  2. -Prior to beginning the setup, please have prepared your volunteer post and types (i.e. Check In Desk, Registration Desk, Greeter, Water Station, Auctioneer) as these will be a required entry prior to assigning volunteers to an event. 

Instructions: Establishing Volunteer Post Types

In order to set up the usage of volunteer posts, your organization will need to establish post types that can be used across one or more events. 

The first configuration you will need to establish for your organization can be located by navigating to Events & Volunteers > Volunteers > Volunteer Post Types. This will identify the type of post such as a data entry, seating assistant, or registration type.

Step 1: Navigate to Events & Volunteers > Volunteers > Volunteer Post Type > Create New to view all the of the types that have been created.

Step 2: Enter a Volunteer Post Type Name, description is optional > click SAVE


Instructions: Establishing Volunteer Posts

When you are creating your event and know you will be using volunteers, it is important to think of the posts that these volunteers may have, such as check in desk, kitchen staff, or usher. Creating these posts will allow you to assign the volunteers to specific workstations prior to the event to avoid confusion the day of the event.

Note: If you need to assign volunteers to an event, please ensure your event has been established prior to this step. 

Step 1: To create a volunteer post, navigate to Events & Volunteers > Volunteers > Volunteer Posts > Create New

Step 2:Enter Name and select Event. Optional entries include start and/or end dates, location and Number of volunteers needed. Click SAVE.

Step 3: Navigate to Volunteers tab. You can also begin to immediately assign volunteers by clicking on CREATE. 
Otherwise, continue to set up your enter new event posts. 

Instructions: Entering Volunteers

Volunteer assignment can be completed in conjunction with the step above. Otherwise, follow these steps to add or update volunteer status. 

Step 1: Navigate to Events & Volunteers > Volunteers > Search & Manage > Create New
Step 2: Select the Event name, Post name, Status (select either Available or Confirmed), and Assign Contact under Contact > Click SAVE
Note: When adding a contact, the user can select an existing contact or can create a new contact for assignment. The new contact will be created within the CharityEngine Contact database. In this example, the volunteer contact record has been created and will also be presented in the Volunteer Post panel within the contact record. 

Step 3: Continue to enter your volunteer and their assignments. Leverage the SAVE drop down to Create Another One.
By navigating to Events & Volunteers > Search & Manage, you will see all volunteers including their contact, post, status and creation date. Leverage ACTION to manage the volunteer. 
Leverage the Advanced Filter to quickly locate events or volunteer. 
Step 4: Navigating from Events & Volunteers > Events > Search & Manage - the listing screen will also track the number of volunteer posts assigned to the event. 

Step 5: Manage the event by clicking the event name or click ACTIONS > Manage

Instructions: Managing Volunteer Hours and Tracking Volunteer Time

You can track your volunteer's hours within CharityEngine. 
Step 1: Navigate to Events & Volunteers > Events > locate your event and manage > Volunteers tab > Time tab > click Add New

Step 2: Enter the start date/time and end date/time, contact, type = Volunteer, event, and description if needed. Click SAVE.
Step 3: Hours will be tracked within the event record for easy review and access. 

Note:  You can also track volunteer hours by navigating to Contacts App > Projects & Time > Track Time 
        A recent enhancement exposes a "Projects" Table to the query tool where volunteer hours can be tracked.
Automation & Workflow > Queries > Create new > Contact Filter > Select Projects > Continue

FAQ & Further Reading:

Q. How do I create an event in order to assign volunteers? 
A. Please find more details here to assist you further in setting up your organization's event. 

To read more about tracking volunteer hours for projects, click here

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