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Campaign - Surveys: How to Create a Poll & Survey Form and How to View the Results
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on 3/9/2023 1:34:00 PM


Polls and surveys are an effective way of obtaining data from your contacts. These polls or surveys could be about what events your contacts would like to attend, what products they would be more willing to buy, or how they feel about a particular topic. These answers will provide important data that could help your organization make key decisions.


  1. If the survey/poll questions are to be associated with an event or advocacy action, please have your Event/P2P or advocacy action created
  2. The Survey/Poll creation process does not allow for the ability to use survey/poll questions across multiple Surveys see FAQs for additional guidance 

Instructions: Creating an online survey/poll

To begin set-up, the first step will be to create the survey or poll. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Campaigns App > Surveys > Survey > Create New > Enter: 
    1. Name - required
    2. Type - default Survey
      1. If this is associated with an event, select Event, Peer-to-Peer, or Advocacy now for downstream association and presentment
    3. Active - default Yes
    4. Anonymous - default No
    5. Responses - default single (how many times an individual can complete)
    6. Event - default None
      1. If this will be associated with an Event or Peer-to-Peer, select the associated event now for downstream association and presentment
    7. Description - default null
    8. SAVE - click to secure changes and expose additional options
Step 2: Navigate to the Online tab to:

    1. Online Title: text to be exposed to end user
    2. Menu: to add content, images, video, links, etc. 
    3. SAVE: to secure your changes 
Step 3: Navigate to the Questions tab to begin to enter your questions
Step 4: The Survey will default to your active survey. Render Mode will allow you to select from:
    1. Text - free form text
    2. Dropdown List - users selects from a dropdown
    3. Checkbox - user selects a checkbox
    4. Radio Button - user selects a radio button option
Step 5: Enter your Question as it will be presented to your donor. And select if the question is Required by toggling from No to Yes. Click SAVE to secure your question and to expose answer options (if applicable). 
Step 6: Navigate to the Answer Choices tab and leverage the Option Text to begin adding your selection choices. Please note, the Display = Selected will be the first option presented on the survey. Click SAVE to secure your answers. Navigate with the back button to return to the Questions tab. 
Step 7: Using the link from the General tab, you can preview the survey to your donors. This link can also be used later for embedment within your website, emails, web forms, etc. 
Step 8: For use with Events, Peer to Peer, or Advocacy: Navigate to the event to confirm the survey questions are also populated with your event

Instructions: Monitoring results

Step 1: As your donor completes their survey/poll, the user will receive a confirmation page
Step 2: Navigate to your survey by accessing the Campaigns App > Surveys > Surveys > locate survey > Responses tab
Note: The contact record will also record the individual response and can be located within the Contacts App > Organization & People > Search & Manage > locate contact id > Manage the contact record > Navigate to the Survey panel
Step 3: Navigate to the Answer Stats tab to view a summarized view of results
Step 4: Click on the Export Icon (4 square box) to easily and quickly export individual survey results. 

Instructions: How to add Poll/Survey Questions to your Web Form

Prerequisite: If you need assistance on how to set up an Event Web Form, click here for more details.

Step 1: Once you have created your event web form, navigate to the Online App > Web Forms > Search & Manage > locate your event web form > Manage the web form
Step 2: Navigate to the Content tab and Success subtab
Step 3: Click on the Add Survey 
Step 4: Select your survey from the dropdown and click INSERT
Step 5:Click on SAVE to secure your changes

Step 6: As your donor completes their web form, the Success page will now contain a link to interact with your survey. 

FAQs & Further Reading 

Q. My web form is not allowing me to map my new survey questions. How can I resolve this?
A. You will not be able to map web form fields to multiple surveys as it will create reporting issues. You should create a new survey as

Field 1 - Q1 of Survey 1
Field 2 - Q2 of Survey 1
Field 3 - Q3 of Survey 1

To resolve, unmap the fields, clearing all mapping to Survey 1. Then begin to remap to the questions in the new survey. 



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