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Web Forms: How to Create a List Sign Up Form
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on 9/11/2023 3:33:00 PM


The CharityEngine List Sign-Up Form is a great way to create a contact form for your organization. This web form can be used within email campaigns or embedded within your website to capture new donor information. With our New Form Wizard, set-up is a breeze. 


  1. Please be sure to set up the Opt-In List(s) you wish to have users added to when completing the List Sign-Up Form


Step 1: To create a List Sign-Up Form, navigate to the Web Form App > Quick Action > New Web Form > select List Sign-Up Form

Step 2: Select the email Opt-In list for which new contacts will be added - more than one may be selected. Then click CREATE.

Step 3: From the General tab, customize the name of your form (internal). 

      1. Optional - You can also:
        1. Modify the suffix of your web form by navigating to the box by Link
        2. Set availability of this form if you have a specific start date and/or specific end date
        3. Set Response Channel as an attribution for contact records
        4. Set Fund or GL Code as an attribution for contact records
        5. Reminder: Click SAVE to secure your updates

Step 4: Navigate to the Design tab to customize your theme, add images, create/adjust headers or footers, or add a background image

Step 5: Navigate to the Layout tab
      1. From here click on the show # fields to expose all pre-configured fields
      2. Leverage the Pencil to edit details and displays to end users
      3. Reminder: Click SAVE to secure your changes

Step 6: Navigate to the Content tab to customize the landing, review, error, success, or alternative pages. Lever the View <page> link to see a preview of your customization. 
Click SAVE to secure your changes. 

Step 7: Next navigate to the Email tab to configure auto-responder, internal (carbon copy) notifications, or to deliver Ecards to successful registrants. 

Step 8: If you wish to update search engine optimization, leverage the SEO tab for necessary updates. 

Step 9: Navigate to the Advanced tab. While there are a variety of customizations and contact attributions available to you for configuration, this web form will be linked to your opt-in list as identified in step 2. Navigating to Advanced > Data > Opt-In Lists will allow the user to edit, add, or create new opt-in lists in the future. 
      1. Should you require additional attributions, there are a host of options available - particularly related to assignment of groups, tags, funds, memberships, etc. This is a broad area that allows deeper customization for your organizational needs. 

Step 10: Navigate to the Donations App > Transactions > Search & Manage > Advanced Filter > General tab > Form Id <insert form id> to identify all constituents who engaged with the form. 

Step 11: You will also see on the contact record to view and confirm the user was added to your identified opt-in list. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Further Reading

Q. How do I establish an auto-responder?
A. You can create a custom auto-responder for this an all web forms. Simply follow our article steps for creating an auto-responder.

Q. How do I leverage E-Cards within CharityEngine?
A. E-Cards are a great way to engage with your new donors. E-Cards can be included in this and all web forms. Follow our information guide here for more information.

Q. How do I leverage Internal notifications with the auto-responder?
A. If you or others in your organization would like to be notified upon the completion of a submission (on this and all web forms), you can easily follow these steps to allow the internal notification/carbon copy feature here.

Q. Am I able to customize forms using JavaScript or HTML?
A. Yes - if you have advanced web development, you can customize your web forms by accessing the Advanced tab > Developer > Custom JS & Conversion Code for custom coding. Please note, you will want to monitor for any changes related to CharityEngine release cycles as this may impact any custom coding that has taken place on your forms.

Q. How do I embed my web form?
A. Simply leverage the Link from the web forms General tab to locate the link and embed accordingly within your organization's website.

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