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Peer-to-Peer Guide
Jessica Mocha 12/10/2021 3:46:00 PM

CharityEngine® provides an easy way to create microsites for individual fundraisers that can be customized to display all the information needed for donors and participants to join. The microsite tool allows easy access to create and manage the event as well as provide up to date information on the tickets sold and donations that have been made.


Configuring Peer-to-Peer

Before donors can start making their own personal and team pages, you must configure the microsite by navigating to Online > Peer-to-Peer > Fundraiser Microsite and click Create New.

The first decision you will need to make is deciding what type of Peer-to-Peer fundraising event this will be, either DIY, Hosted, or Grassroots

For more assistance in configuring your general settings, read Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Configuration

Once you have configured your general settings, you have the ability to design the site with custom colors and images on the design tab.

For more information on how to design your Peer-to-Peer site, read Peer-to-Peer Design.

The last basic configurations that will need to be made are on the Pages tab. You will be able to decide what information is shown on the Home Page, Donation Page, and Other ( if applicable). Use the toggles to turn items on or off of the page.

Once the basic configurations have been made, click Save and more tabs will appear for further configuration.

The Sign up tab will allow you to ask your participants questions and collect data from the donors. Use the toggles to decide on what data you want to collect.


If you need help configuring the sign up options, read Configuring P2P Sign Up.

One way to gamify your Peer-to-Peer Microsite is to add Badges that can be displayed on team and personal pages. This can be done on the Advanced tab under Achievement Levels.

For more information on how to add badges to your peer-to-peer microsite, read Adding Badges to Peer-To-Peer.

Peer-to-Peer Hosted Events

Hosted Events are best used for Events like Run/Walks where participants are going to fundraise on behalf of your organization at an event hosted by the organization. Hosted Events require an event and tickets to be configured in the CharityEngine Events application.

For more information on creating an event and the tickets for a hosted Peer-to-Peer event, read Configuring Tickets for P2P Hosted Events

Join Codes

To help prevent fraudulent donations and team members, Team Join Codes can be configured. Before a participant can join a team, they will have to enter the join code, then they will be able to donate and join the team.

After the team captain has created the team page, navigate to Online > Peer-to-Peer > Team pages and select the team you want to add a join code to.

If you need help configuring join codes, read Peer-to-Peer Team Join Codes.

How to Sign-Up

Once you have made all your configurations, you donors will be able to donate and sign up to participate in the fundraiser through the home page of the microsite.

Donors can sign up for the fundraiser by either creating a team or joining a team by clicking the Sign Up button.

If donors do not want to sign up to participate in the event, but they want to donate to a team or individual, they can search for the participant by clicking on Find a Participant

For more information on how to sign up for a peer-to-peer fundraiser, read Signing up on a Peer-to-Peer Microsite

Peer-to-Peer Dashboard

Once your peer-to-peer site is live and participants have signed up for the fundraiser, they will have access to their dashboard. They will be able to join teams, manage individual, if you are captain you can manage team pages, send emails, and view donations have been made to your page.

Participants can send email to both encourage others to donate to their page and thank donors. By clicking on Send Email at the top of the dashboard, user can use premade emails or enter their own text to send emails to contacts in their address book.

For more information on the emails you can send and how to add contacts to your address book, read Peer-To-Peer Dashboard: Emails.

The next thing that participants can do from their dashboard is edit their individual page and if they are captain of the team, they can edit team pages

By clicking Edit My Page, you can change your display picture, mange your goals, and edit your fundraising story.

For more information on editing team and individual pages, read Peer-To-Peer Dashboard: Editing Team and Individual Pages.

Lastly, if you registered as an individual and did not join a team, you can always join a team at a later date by clicking Join Team at the top of the dashboard.

If you need help joining a team, read Peer-To-Peer Dashboard: How To Join a Team.

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