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Team Pages: Join Codes
Authored by: Megan Gill
on 2/28/2024 2:06:00 PM

Team Pages: Creating Join Codes

To help limit members who can join a team and create an 'invite only' experience, Team Join Codes can be configured. Before a participant can join a team, they will have to enter the join code, then they will be able to donate and join the team.

Step 1: After the team captain has created the team page, navigate to the Online App > Peer-to-Peer > Team Pages > locate team page > ACTIONS: Manage > Advanced tab

Step 2: Enter a code in Join Code

Step 3: Select the team name from Team drop down


  1. -Select specific dates to start/end the option for Join Codes
  2. -Select a maximum number of team members
  3. -Override the event name

Step 4: Click SAVE to secure your changes

End User Experience

Step 1: Participants selects Sign Up from the event microsite > selects Join or Support an Existing Team NEXT

Step 2:  Participants confirms team name and clicks Join. If a code has been set up, the participant will be prompted to enter the code under Team Join Code*.

Step 3: The participant will select a ticket (if applicable) and will create a new account (or sign in if returning)

Step 4: The participant will continue with entry of their contact information and click NEXT

Step 5: The participant will complete any questions (if applicable)

Step 6: Participant completes sign up and begins fundraising. 

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