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Web2CRM User Guide
Jessica Mocha 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM


Step 1: Add the tracking code to your external website’s header or footer

<script language="JavaScript" src="//webapi.charityengine.net/api.js" async="" defer="defer"></script>

Step 2: Log into CharityEngine and configure your domain

Go to Online > Domain Names > Setup Domains and Create New

Enter your domain in the Name field and select Third Party Website as the type

Step 3: Configure your website in CharityEngine

Go to Online > Websites > Create New

In the Name field, enter an Internal Name for your website

Select Third-Party as the Type and Click Create

After you click Create you will see a new tab called Domain Names, click on that and add the Domain you configured in Step 2 by selecting it from the Dropdown and clicking Add

Note: If you would like to turn Web tracking off, you will have to modify your website template prior to the inclusion of CharityEngine Web API (webapi.charityengine.net/api.js). The commands listed below will allow you to define the variable in your template:

1. sm_disableThirdPartyPageViewTracking: defined variable with value of 1 will disable web2crm
2. sm_disableLinkTracking: defined variable with value of 1 will disable campaign link tracking (adding sm_guid to hyper links) - side-effect is that no bounces tracking will be available
3. enableCEClientAPIDiagnostics: defined variable with value of 1 will enable api diagnostic logging to javascript console

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