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Email Activity Tracking within CharityEngine
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on 4/24/2024 2:44:00 PM


You can track email activity within the Send Email tool. Sending an email to a contact directly through CharityEngine will allow you to track the activity associated with this email.


To create an email within CharityEngine you’ll want to follow these steps; 

First navigate to the Contacts application > Search & Manage. 

Search for the contact you wish to email and open the contact record. 

Find the contacts’ email under their name and click on it. 



Next, you’ll find an email creative window pops up. Here you can create your email, select the activity status, and click send. You’ll get a success screen when complete. 



Navigate back to the contact record. Now you’ll see the email activity has been tracked.  



From here, you can click on the activity or hover over the ‘Go to’ menu and select Activities from the drop down. 


Once the Activity is selected, you’ll come to the Edit Activity screen where you can update the status, add notes, add files, and more.  



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