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Data Governance: Change Logs
Authored by: Jessica Mocha-Piel
on 5/31/2024 11:44:00 AM


When data is changed or updated on a record, it is important to know who made the change, when the change was made, and what changed. This will allow you better insight when researching a record and inform you of anything that happened. The change log will also allow you to revert to past versions of the record if the record was updated incorrectly.


You can view to the change log by navigating to Automation & Workflow > General  > Change Logs to search for the record. Then you can use the filters to find the record you want to view the changes on

Quick Filters
  • Object - This is the type of record you are looking to view the changes (ie. contact, transaction, subscription)
  • Type - This is the type of change (ie. create, update, delete, restore)
  • User - filter by the user that made the update
  • date - when the update was made
You can also filter by the record Id in the advanced filters

Under Actions you can see the history and the details of the changes. The details will show you exactly what was changed.

If you need to restore the previous version, click restore on the version you would like to restore.

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