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Emails: Helpful Resources to Assist with Email Deliverability, Monitoring and Best Practices
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on 1/30/2024 11:24:00 AM


Managing your email list is crucial for not only reaching your constituents but for also managing your reputation as a sender. CharityEngine provides a variety of features and tools to ensure you can manage your email lists and increase the success of your emails reaching your constituent's inbox. 


  • Email Deliverability Best Practices: Email providers have rules in place to prevent unwanted messages from appearing in their users’ inboxes. Due to these rules, wanted and subscribed-to messages may end up in spam and could be blocked from delivery altogether.
  • Shared Email Domain: CharityEngine recently issued an upgrade that will benefit our clients in two ways:
    1. Email deliverability will be increased
    2. Domain management will be handled by CharityEngine 
    • This free upgrade includes a shared email sending pool, which will replace dedicated server domains for most of our clients.
  • Custom vs Shared Sending Domains: At CharityEngine, we offer two different configurations for customers to use when sending communications to their contacts.   We offer a shared sending domain and the ability to send your messages from a custom, unique domain.  Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to understand which one is right for you. 

Monitoring performance....

  • Email Analytics: After an email has been sent, it is always important to check the email analytics to view how well the email performed. 
  • Email Investigation: Failed emails are unavoidable when sending initiatives and it is important to investigate why the email failed to send to the contact.
  • Email Open Rates: It’s easy to panic when you switch from software like MailChimp or Constant Contact to CharityEngine and see your open rates decline. But is panic necessary? Not really! When you are comparing one solution to another, the view rate – or the open rate – isn't the best way for an apples-to-apples checklist. 

Email list management...

  • Bounce and Failure Code Quick Reference Guide: Bounce vs. Failure
  • Email Validation: Email validation is an important tool to help understand whether a particular email address in your database is high risk or low risk to use in an email blast or marketing automation initiative. 
  • Email Verification: Anytime a new email address enters the CharityEngine ecosystem (through our importer tool, donating on an online form, taking action on an advocacy site, etc...) the email owner will receive an automated email asking them to verify their email address.
  • Email Blacklist Management: Our outbound email delivery technology actively tracks and reports on responses in which the email address is reported as invalid. 
  • Why did my email test go to my SPAM folder? It is common, before executing a large send, to test the message content by sending it to a small list of recipients, in order to make sure that the message looks how you want it, and that everything is set up correctly.   Often times these smaller test batch messages go to the SPAM folder, and this can be a cause for concern.

Domain Reputation... applicable to users who manage their sending domains

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