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Configuring Salutations
Authored by: Uzoma Onuoha
on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM


If your organization has specific requirements for displaying salutations other than the standard out of the box options, you can change the default settings in CharityEngine’s Configurations sections.


Currently, the default salutations are as follows:






Full Name

Ex. John Smith

Organization Name

Ex. CharityEngine

Household Prefix and Last name

Ex. The Smiths


First Name

Ex. John

Organization Name

Ex. CharityEngine

Household First Names

Ex. John and Jane


Nickname or First name

Ex. Jack or John

Primary Contact Full Name or Organization Name

Ex. Phil Schmitz

Household Name

Ex. The Smith Household


To modify salutations, navigate to Configuration app > Contacts > Salutations. On this screen you will see the salutations that have already been configured.

To change to default configuration, click on the hyperlinked Salutation token.

You will then be navigated to the configuration of that specific salutation.

Click on the Actions ellipsis to either Manage or Delete a specific salutation. A popup will appear for you to manage the template part.

Select Field and use the dropdown for preset field values, or select Value if you have a specific value (a specific prefix or suffix) that will be added to all contact records.

To create a new Template part, click on Add New.


For special circumstances where further customization of salutations is needed, you may choose to override by navigating to Automation & workflow > General > Import & Export > Create New > import

Select Import to People form the dropdown

Add any field that are included in your import file, such as first name, last name, and any other contact information. To override the default salutations, add “Override Formal Salutation”, “Informal Salutation”, and/or “Other Salutation”

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