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API Query Mode
Jamie Beliveau 4/24/2024 2:44:00 PM

There are three different modes available in CharityEngine’s Integration API:

    Users can set the mode under queryParameters in most query web methods (but not all). By default, CharityEngine’s API uses the Summary query mode.
    See an example below of setting queryParameters.

    code lines
    We will use a Contact record as an example in explaining the differences between Summary, Detail, and Full modes.

    Summary Mode

    <queryParameters QueryType="Summary">

    Summary mode includes the least amount of data and will return results the fastest. Summary includes the primary information about a contact, such as: Name, Contact ID, Primary Contact Information (address, phone, email), and summary information about their giving: First, Greatest, and Latest gifts.

    If the contact type is Person, then additional fields like Birthday, Gender, and Deceased are also available in Summary mode.

    See an example of what the primary address looks like below:

    code lines

    Note that important data points like communication opt ins are included in this summary mode.

    Detail Mode

    <queryParameters QueryType="Detail">

    Detail includes all of the same information as Summary but with a few additions: Groups, Tags, Opt In Lists, and Languages.

    Note that this query mode includes data points that are one to many, since contacts can be in multiple groups and have multiple tags.

    code lines

    Full Mode

    <queryParameters QueryType="Full">

    Full mode returns the most information and will take the most time to return results. In addition to everything included in the Detail mode, full also includes all custom fields.

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