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Automation & Workflow: How Do I Install and Use the CharityEngine Excel Connector
Authored by: Megan Gill
on 1/30/2024 11:24:00 AM


If you are a power user with donor data, the CharityEngine Excel Connector is designed just with you in mind. This feature will allow clients to load and continuously sync query data directly into an Excel spreadsheet. And once the data is in Excel, you have the flexibility to manipulate the data points any way you wish, offering the opportunity to create even more custom reports. Unique to your data, custom reports provide valuable donor insights. 


This is an add on feature. Please connect with your account manager for more information.

Prior to use, a query built within CharityEngine will be required for sync. 

Please have your CharityEngine login and password available. 

Instructions - Installation of the Plug-In

Step 1: Download the CharityEngine Excel Connector exe file

Click the Icon Below

Step 2: Open Setup

Step 3: Click Install

Step 4: Click Close once successful install complete

Step 5: Open Excel

Step 6: Open a new workbook and look for the CharityEngine tab and click Log In from the drop down on the CharityEngine icon under Options

Step 7: Log in with your CharityEngine user id and password

Step 8 Receive success message and click OK

Instructions - Using the CharityEngine Excel Connector

Once you are logged in with your CharityEngine account, you can begin use within Excel.

Step 1: Navigate to CharityEngine on your Excel ribbon

Step 2: From the CharityEngine icon drop down, select Connect Worksheet

Step 3: In the dialogue box, enter the name or query ID of the query you created within CharityEngine and click Search

Step 4: Click Connect on your selected query

Step 5: In Excel click sync Now in the dialogue box

Step 6: Query details will be presented within your Excel workbook to begin your evaluation and data manipulation. Please note, for worksheets that are active to the CharityEngine sync, the tab will be highlighted in green. 

Step 7: Begin to leverage the Excel workbook for data manipulation or updates. 

Instructions - Managing Existing Worksheets Using the CharityEngine Excel Connector

Once you have completed a sync with one ore more queries within CharityEngine, in Excel navigate to the CharityEngine ribbon option within Excel and click on Options to expose additional options including:

  1. sync Worksheet: use to receive updates or modifications from your CharityEngine query
  2. Change Datasource: for use when a different query is needed
  3. Disconnect Worksheet: for use when you need to remove the sync worksheet
  4. sync All Worksheets: for use to receive updates or modifications from more than on CharityEngine query that has been synched to the Excel workbook
  5. Logout: to log out of your CharityEngine account
  6. App Info: version and updates

FAQs & Additional Reading

Q. After I have installed, how can I log into CharityEngine Excel Connector?
A. After opening Excel, navigate to the File tab and click on the CharityEngine(r) section at the bottom left. Then under User Settings click Log In and  

Q. Can I sync more than one query?
A. Yes - simply add a new tab and navigate to the CharityEngine ribbon > Options > Connect Worksheet > search for query name click Connect > sync Now. If you wish to update data in the future, within Excel navigate to the CharityEngine ribbon > Options > sync All Worksheets.

Q. Is CharityEngine Excel Connector available for Google Sheets?
A. Unfortunately the Excel Connector is only currently available for Microsoft Excel. 

Q. If I create a private query (non-public), will others be able to access the query through this tool?
A. No. As a user logs into the connector, the user's log in credentials will follow the same visibility as presented within the CharityEngine Query feature. 

Q. Is this feature available on Mac?
A. This is a limitation explicit to Microsoft. While we would love you to be able to use within the Mac environment, Microsoft currently restricts this to the Microsoft environment. 

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