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Peer to Peer: Administrative monitoring for peer-to-peer
Authored by: Megan Gill
on 1/30/2024 11:24:00 AM

Administrative monitoring for peer-to-peer

Instructions: How to easily locate peer-to-peer individual and team pages associated with a microsite

During set-up, your organization originally created a micro-site that allows individuals to create individual fundraising pages, team pages, or to simply have the ability to donate to your organization. If you are need of evaluating and monitoring the pages associated with your microsite, there are a few easy steps to locate based upon your business need. In this first step, we will leverage the peer-to-peer listing screens to capture all personal and team pages. 

Step 1:  Access the Online App > Peer-to-Peer > Fundraising Microsites > locate your microsite under ACTION use the ellipse to Manage the event

  1. Note: from the listing screen we can see this microsite is currently supporting 1 team and 3 personal pages

Step 2: Locate the Participation from the General tab to locate pages and team counts. Click on the 3 pages to be routed to a listing screen of all pages (this will include all individual pages which roll into a team page). Alternatively, click on the team count to be routed to a listing screen of all team pages. 

Instructions: To easily monitor team pages and personal pages

Navigating to Online App > Peer-to-Peer you can easily access both Team Pages as well as Personal Pages for individual page review and monitoring. 

Here you can search by your event title to see all associated pages with a quick glance as fundraising progress. 

Instructions: For Peer-to-Peer type = event, access event reporting for summary

If your Peer-to-Peer is associated with an event, leverage event reporting to see a summary of participants.

Step 1: Access the Reports & Analytics App > Events > Event Registration Stats > Advanced Filter > Event Name

Instructions: For Peer-to-Peer transaction details

If your Peer-to-Peer is associated with an event, leverage event reporting to see a summary of participants.

Step 1: Access the Donations App > Transactions > Search & Manage > Advanced Filter > Events & P2P tab > Microsite <name> > Apply

  1. Note: From this listing screen you will receive donations with their assigned financial value as well as registration transactions in which the value may be $0.00

Instructions: For Peer-to-Peer within the contact record

Your Peer-to-Peer engagement will also automatically be associated with your individual contact records. These views will differ depending upon individual pages, team participation, team captains, or general donations.

Step 1: Access the Contacts App > Organization & People > Search & Manage > <locate contact id> > Manage Record > Navigate to P2P Pages/P2P Teams panel

  1. Note: In this example we can see the Captain when associated with a team; this contact is both the Team Captain and also hosts their own personal page

Instructions: For Peer-to-Peer Survey Questions

Your Peer-to-Peer microsite can also support custom questions for survey needs. This can include elements such as t-shirt size or meal selections. These questions and responses can be easily accessed, reviewed, and downloaded. 

Locating survey responses from the Surveys feature:

Step 1: Access the Campaigns App > Surveys > Surveys > locate your question(s) > ACTIONS > Manage

Note: the survey will be listed as Microsite #### Custom Fields. The numeric value will also be associated with your P2P event ID. (Example: P2P event = 3145 - also demonstrated by the Event: CharityEngine Foundation 10K Walk/Run (P2P Demo)

Step 2: Navigate to the Answer Stats tab to see results.

If you would like to download the results in bulk:

Step 1: Navigate to the Campaigns App > Surveys > Responses

Step 2: Leverage the Quick Filter to locate a specific type, survey, and/or dates

Step 3: Click the Export icon in the top right corner to export in bulk

Alternatively, you can access survey responses within the Events Application.

Step 1: Navigate to the Events App > Search & Manage > locate your P2P event > ACTIONS > Manage > Survey tab

Step 2: Click on the ID of the question to be navigated to the Survey feature 

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