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Contact Records: Addresses
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on 5/31/2024 9:45:00 AM


You may require an easy access to your donor and constituent addresses. CharityEngine provides an easy way to focus only on the addresses of contacts, so you don’t have to sift through every piece of information in a contact to find the addresses you need.


No prerequisites required

Instructions: Search/Query Mailing Addresses

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts App > Organizations & People > Address 

Step 2: The Addresses screen will look like the sample screen below. Use the basic filters to find an address you are looking for.

Step 3: Open the Advanced Filters to create a more detailed search within existing address records.

In the top right corner is a list of options.

Instructions: Adding a New Address

While you are able to add an address to an individual contact record, adding an address through this feature may be a helpful resource for your organization. This is a great feature for bulk entry of addresses that may be required. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Contact App > Organizations & People > Addresses > Create New
Step 2: Assign the contact and add the available address information
Step 3:  Click CREATE to secure your changes

Instructions: Accessing and leveraging the County of an address

CharityEngine will create and populate the contact's county information based upon the contact's zip code. While this is not an editable field, the field can be utilized for searching and reporting needs

Step 1: Navigating to the Contacts App > Organizations & People > Address > use the filtering to locate your target contact
Step 2: Navigate to Edit in the top right corner or to the left to expose the address(es) and edit
Step 3: Click on Edit Unit Number or Other Details to expose the County field next to City. The field will be grayed out and uneditable. The zip code population will direct the county entry. 
Step 4: To query on a single county, navigate to the Contacts App > Organizations & People > Address > Advanced Filter > County: Name > APPLY. This will return all individual addresses associated with the identified county (noting that there can be duplicate contact IDs/names via this search).
Note: County is also available via Advanced Search from the Contacts App > Organizations & People > Contacts > Advanced Filter > Address tab > County: Name > APPLY. This will return all individual contact IDs/names with one or more addresses associated with the identified county. 
Step 5: To query on a set or series of counties, navigate to the Automation & Workflow App > General > Queries > Create New
Step 6: Choose Query Type Filter: Contacts Select: Contacts (or Addresses) > Continue
Step 7: Add data fields to SELECT section for those data elements you wish to identify. Add data fields to FILTER for those which you wish to filter. In this example we will filter for any county that either "Hamilton" or "Fairfax" using the Is One Of filtering options
Step 8: Select RUN to retrieve your data. SAVE or Export (using the 4-box icon next to Run)

Instructions: Creating a Mail Merge

Step 1:Navigating to the Contacts App > Organizations & People > Address > use the filtering to locate your target audience
Step 2: Select More > Send Messages
Step 3: Select Delivery Method Letter > NEXT
Step 4: Load a message or create a new message and click the + sign next to Load Message > Click NEXT

Step 5: Click on PROCESS to create your bulk file. 
Step 6: Click on here to download your letter file. 

Step 7: Download your file for printing. 

Instructions: Bulk Importing Addresses

Clicking Import Data will redirect you to the Data Jobs wizard in the Automation & Workflow section of CharityEngine. The “Import To” field box will automatically populate with the contact Addresses section.

For more instructions, please see the article on the Data Jobs wizard.

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts App > Organizations & People > Addresses > More > Import Data
Step 2: You are initiating an import to the Addresses table. Click NEXT to proceed. 
Step 3: Click on add Fields to expose available fields for importing of donor/consistent address.
    1. Note: This will only import to the Address table - no other fields will be available through this import approach. Please see additional materials from Automation & Workflow for other import data needs.

Step 4: Begin adding your required fields
    1. Critical Notes for Importing Address Data
      1. Must contain CharityEngine Contact Id
      2. If Address Line 1, City, State and/or Zip is being attempted for import, you must have all 4 components (address line 1, city, state, zip)
        1. If you are missing a component (i.e. no address line 1, but contains city, state, zip - import may result in an error)
      3. To avoid importing error, please ensure proper formatting of all elements  
      4. If country is not within import, default country assignment will be United States
Step 5: Click on download import template and review data for import. Save to your local drive and click NEXT.
Note: Your template/file should contain the first row with the CharityEngine headers identified in Step 5. One contact/address per line and each address element defined by data header (i.e. Address line 1 in column B, City in column C, State in column D, etc.)

Step 6: Click on Upload a File
Step 7: Select File by click on Choose File and locate your Excel file. 
Note: First Row is Column Names should be checked
Step 8: Once the file is uploaded you should receive a Success: Import file successfully uploaded - click next to continue. Review your current file data preview. Then click NEXT.
Step 9: Click NEXT to continue
Note: Importing data can cause irreversible changes to your database. Make sure you back up your data first. 
Step 10: You will receive on additional review and reminder warning on importing data. Click FINISH to begin importing. 
Step 11: You can monitor your results directly, or an email will be sent once complete. From the Import/Export Jobs listing screen you can monitor total updates, bad records, etc. 
Step 12: In our example we have added an additional "Other" address with no preference set for mailing or shipping in the import. If you wish to include type or preferences please add to your import accordingly. 
    1. Type can equal: "Home", "Office", "Other"
    2. Preferred can equal: Yes or No

FAQs & Further Reading

Q. The county field is not populating. How do I correct this?
A. The address will require a postal code in order to pre-populate the county value. You can update individual records by accessing the Addresses panel or the Edit from the Address beneath the name. Select Enter Unit Number or Other Details to expose the option for USPS Update. Note: Fees apply for usage of this feature. If you require a bulk update to your contact address records, you can also leverage our Data Enrichment feature within the Automation & Workflow App (Type: Zip+4 Update (USPS)). Note: data rates apply. Learn more here for our data enrichment option

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