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Dashboard: Navigating the Welcome Screen
Authored by: Michaela Hyden
on 5/29/2024 2:35:00 PM


The default CharityEngine® welcome screen includes personally relevant data, organization progress data, and task suggestions. The goal of this feature is to help users plan their day and get to their work faster.

Header KPIs

Key Performance Indicators help organizations see where they are towards their goals. The KPIs at the top of the new welcome screen give a snapshot of how an organization is doing.

*Note: Users will need to add annual goals via the Configuration App > General > Goals to expose the donations widgets.

New Donors

Users can review the most recent first-time donors in the New Donors widget.

To review your new donor, click on their name. Note that you can view the widget in full screen (far right icon) and export your top results (far left icon) by clicking on the icons at the top of the widget.

Searchable Task Widget

We have broken tasks into three sections: Fundraise & Promote, Back Office Operations, and View Reports & Analysis.

Clicking on any section will display all of the suggested tasks within that section.

The task list is also searchable:


View activities your user is participating in in the activities widget.

Overdue activities will appear in red at the very top of your listing.

If an activity is complete, mark it as complete.

By default, activities assigned to your user are displayed. To show all activities your user is participating in, click on the filters button and change the view to Show All.

By clicking the + sign, you can create a new activity assigned to you.

NOTE: To change the assigned contact or add another contact to an activity, click the Advanced button. It will bring you to a more detailed page to create a more detailed New Activity.

The activities widget can also be exported and viewed in full screen mode by clicking the Full Screen icon.

Recent Contacts

The most recent contacts your user viewed will appear in the Recent Contacts widget.

View your results in full screen or refresh your results by clicking the icons within the widget.


We moved Favorites into a more central location for faster navigation. Add or remove items from the favorites listing by clicking on the heart icon on any page in CharityEngine®.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events configured in CharityEngine® will appear in the Upcoming Events widget.


Contacts who have never donated will appear in the Prospects widget.

Export the prospects, refresh, or view in full screen by clicking the icons at the top of the widget.


View how well your organization is doing towards its annual goal in the goals widget.

Note: To update your goals access the Configuration App > General > Goals

Channel Performance

A new report is available at the bottom of the home dashboard. Track your success across all of your Media Channels in the Channel Performance report.

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