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API Configuration: How to Configure your WealthEngine API Key
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on 9/7/2023 3:07:00 PM


WealthEngine is a 3rd party API integration in which users can find potential prospects and expansion opportunities using insights from the industry's first donor pyramid and wealth modeler. CharityEngine’s API integration syncs summary data from WealthEngine  in such a way that it is viewable in the contact record and in contact queries.

Instructions: How to add your WealthEngine API

Note: Before you can sync any data collected by WealthEngine and perform a data enrichment job, you must enter your WealthEngine API key. Contact WealthEngine support if you need help finding your API key.

Step 1: To enter the key, navigate to the Configuration App > Integrations > WealthEngine

Step 2: Enter the API Key and click SAVE

FAQs & Further Reading

Q. Now that I have my API key, how can I complete a bulk synchronization with WealthEngine?
A. You can complete a bulk synchronization by following the steps outlined in our article here.

Q. Now that I have my API key, can I complete a synchronization with WealthEngine with individual contact records?
A. Yes - a user can also update individual records. Learn more about how to complete the synchronization here

Q. Do I need a WealthEngine account to leverage this feature?
A. Yes - this is a 3rd party integration. 

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