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Configuration: How to Configure for a Fiscal Year and Downstream Reporting
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on 4/24/2024 2:44:00 PM


If your organization operates on a fiscal calendar, your CharityEngine account can be configured to support. When adjusted, additional viewing options for fiscal reporting can be located throughout your account to easily assist your organization on fiscal reporting needs.  


To view fiscal elements, complete the configuration adjustments outlined below. 

Instructions - Configuration of Fiscal Year

When configuring your account settings, it is important to think about your fiscal year. By configuring your fiscal year, you will be able to run reports and obtain information on revenue received based on your fiscal year.

Step 1: To configure your fiscal year, navigate to the Configuration App > Account Settings > General Tab

Step 2: Enter the month and day of the start of your fiscal year into the text boxes

Step 3: Click SAVE to secure your changes

Instructions - Configuration of your Organization's Goals for Fiscal Reporting

Step 1: You can also configure your Goals period to match your fiscal year by navigating to the Configuration App > General > Goals

Step 2: Name (required) your Current Period Goal, set the start and end date to match your fiscal year, and insert the goal Amount

Step 3: Click SAVE to secure your changes

Step 4: Navigate to Last Period tab to adjust prior period

Instructions - Fiscal Reporting Options

Reporting on fiscal years will be exposed through your CharityEngine account, including:

Contact Records

From the contact record, the Donation History view will default to Fiscal but can be toggled to Calendar

Contact - Advanced Filter

From the Contact App, accessing the Contacts listing screen the Advanced Search feature under the Advanced Segmentation and selecting the Giving option will expose Fiscal Year

Quick Filters

Throughout your CharityEngine account, the quick filters option for Date will also provide fiscal year options


You will also have the ability to filter by fiscal year and quarter though the query tool, for example, under the Giving History section in the Contact Table, you will see fields for Current Year or Current Quarter, but you will also see Current Fiscal Year and Current Fiscal Quarter

FAQs & Additional Reading

Q. I'd like to have my contact record default to calendar year. Is this available?
A. No. The fiscal setting is a default setting if the configuration is set to expose a fiscal calendar. This creates consistency for users within the organization who are tracking fiscal activities. If you prefer to not expose a fiscal year, simply navigate to the configuration app and adjust the fiscal year to 01/01.

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